Assosyal Otel

What we have in the rooms are those that we should have. Although it may not be necessary, there is Wi-Fi connection in the rooms; however, you also have safes where you can lock your laptops or even your cell phones for a peaceful holiday. There is also a deposit box in the reception room and a baggage room where you can put your un-needed luggage.

Let’s now leave aside what is present in the rooms and look at what is missing. For instance, there are no ashtrays in the rooms or in any indoor areas of the hotel. We thought there was no need to put TV in the rooms, but also we do not want to take away your daily habit of reading newspapers. Please let us know which ones you would like to read when you check-in. If the bunk lamps are not adequate, we would be happy to provide you with reading lamps as well. There are also no mini bars in the rooms but room service and buffet service is available 24 hours daily. We are as close as the phones next to your bed and please dial zero to reach. There is also no music in for you to enjoy the sound of silence. We also talk with each other soundlessly to touch the sound of silence.

Unfortunately, we had to categorise our rooms as garden rooms, valley rooms and standard rooms, but all have the same interior design and the same “tranquillity coefficient”. Hoping that the service we provide meets your expectations, have a nice holiday.