Assosyal Otel

The doors of our home, which we bought in 1974 to use as a summer house, were open from May until the end of October each year before deciding to turn it into a hotel. Due to our work load in the city and the kids not being able to have as long vacations, we started to spend less time in our home. We could not find it in our hearts to leave idle this resourceful place, which hosted our guests even without our presence, so we decided to change our Assosyal into a hotel and carried our work here.Rest assured that in our hotel, which is one of the last houses on the far east side of the village, you will have the most quiet, calm and peaceful vacation you can have. You will find that your host and the rest of the staff share the same characteristics with the hotel and are experts in communication without speaking; you will capture the comfort of home in this tranquil environment. You will never forget the healthy breakfasts served on elegant snow-white table clothes, the days without television, our backyard in the valley, the view of the Kaz Mountains (Mountain Ida), the fresh air, the sunrise if you are an early bird or the silent nights if you are a night owl, and always existing bright stars in the night sky. During your stay in Assosyal, with Athena Temple in walking distance, you will be living in a natural, historical site.Enjoy your stay,