Assosyal Otel



We did not make any changes on the facades of the stone houses located in the historical site of Behramkale. We designed the interiors of these hundreds of year old structures, the youngest of which is a hundred years old, as such that all your indispensable routines are well met. We believe we did not leave anything short nor is there any excess.

It is up to you to either be lost in the thought of “to be or not be” in the courtyard or search for the answer to your questions about your unrequited love in our backyard. Here, at any moment you can find balance in self solitude. You may drop in as a rain drop or you may glide in on a crane. But by all means, along with your loved ones, just show up.

In our three thousand year old village, we will provide an atmosphere where you can relax, choose to be with your loved ones or by yourself. Enjoy a quiet and peaceful hideaway, where old city walls rise instead of skyscrapers. Things you left behind do not exist here, no television, no city lights, no chimney fumes, no car exhaust, or any other pollution that you may think of. Neither is there the lights of traffic, or it’s noise. Instead, you can hear the frogs from far away creeks, listen to crickets, and the songs of birds. Count your blessings, and be witness to the absolute tranquility of nature.

You may watch the sunrise in our backyard, and the sunset in the temple. In Kadirga beach, allow yourself to sink into our crystal clear blue waters. When you decide to come home, everything will be as you wish. During the evening enjoy a moon rising in our back yard or the wonderful constellations of our Milky Way.

Enjoy your stay and allow us to cater to your heart’s wishes!

Assosyal Otel has benefited from “Financial Support Program for Increasing Competitiveness in Tourism” which is managed by Southern Marmara Development Agency, which is attached to Ministry of Development of Republic of Turkey.

The purpose of the program is to increase the average staying length of tourists and the potential for tourism of the area with improving tourism revenue.

Our hotel has been completed, renovated and will be able to host variety of events and created the infrastructure to host you even in the seasons other than summer.
You can check our event calendar from our website, our Facebook page, our Twitter account and the board at the hotel.

Happy holidays,